The following four steps will guide you on how to integrate Dixa events with DigitalGenius.

Step 1. Create the entry flow

Create a new flow that will be the entry flow to handle end-user messages. Copy the id of the flow as it will be used to set up the Dixa webhook.

Step 2. Create the Dixa webhook

Navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Webhooks -> Click on Add Webhook.

The webhook URL will depend on your region, EU or US, and we will use the flow id from the previous step.




For events, be sure to enable all events:


In order to authorise the webhook, create a new token in the customers DigitalGenius dashboard in the Tools -> Api Token section. Be sure to give the token pair Read and Write permissions for All resources.


Copy the api key/secret pair and create a new Authorization for the Dixa webhook, using the DG api key as the username and the secret as the password.


Finally, click on Create Webhook.

Step 3. Create a Dixa API token

Navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> API Tokens and create a new token and copy it to your clipboard


Step 4. Create the connection on the DigitalGenius dashboard

Go to the customers Dg Dashboard and navigate to Modules / Dixa and create a new connection. We will now paste the API token generated in the previous steps. Provide a descriptive name for the new connection.


Finally, click on the i icon in the newly created connection and copy the connection id.