FedEx Track & Trace

The action is used to get the tracking information from FedEx.


Tracking NumberStringFedEx tracking number


SuccessBooleanWhether the tracking information was found
True / False
Found Tracking?StringTracking status:
Ready for Shipment,
In Transit,
Returning to Sender,
Ready for Pickup,
Problem with Delivery
Status DescriptionStringDetailed description of the tracking status
Shipped DateStringThe date of the shipment.
Is null when the status is Ready for Shipment
Last Event DateStringThe date of the last tracking event.
Tracking URLStringTracking URL
Pick Up LocationStringPick up location. Relevant only when status is Ready for Pickup
Days Since Last UpdateNumberNumber of days since last update
Activity HistoryListList of all the tracking events.
See the example below

Sample Response
Activity History

    "Timestamp": "2021-05-14T10:45:15-05:00",
    "EventType": "DL",
    "EventDescription": "Delivered",
    "StatusExceptionCode": 14,
    "StatusExceptionDescription": "Left at front door. Signature Service not requested.",
    "Address": {
      "City": " City",
      "StateOrProvinceCode": "",
      "PostalCode": ,
      "CountryCode": "US",
      "CountryName": "United States",
      "Residential": false
    "ArrivalLocation": "DELIVERY_LOCATION"


Tracking Status

FedEx API returns a status code for each tracking event. DG maps this status code to one of the predefined statuses. E.g. OC - Ready for Shipment.

Statuses mapping

Ready for Shipment: [OC, OF]
Delivered: [DL]
In Transit: [AA, AC, AD, AF, AP, AR, AX, DP, DR, DS, EA, ED, EO, EP, FD, IT, LO, OD, OX, PF, PL, PM, PU, SF, SP, TR, CC, CP, EA]
Returning to Sender: [RS, RP]
Problem with Delivery: [CA, CH, DD, DE, DY, IX, PD, PX, RR, RM, RC, LP, RG, RD, SE, CD]
Ready for Pickup: [HL]