Add Zendesk Conversation Chat Tags

Add tags to a Zendesk Conversations chat

This action can be used to append tags to a Zendesk Chat conversation.


Flow EnvironmentStringOne of: dev, qa, eu or us
Flow IdStringThe flow linked to the Zendesk account key
Zendesk Chat Account KeyStringYour Zendesk Chat account key.
See here
Channel IdStringThe Zendesk conversation channel id. You can use the external_id field from the DG conversation object from the flow inputs.
TagsArray[String]The tags to add.
Example: ["tag0", "tag1"]


Response status CodeNumberThe HTTP status code. Examples: 200, 404
Response Status TextStringThe HTTP status text. Examples: OK, Not Found
Response HeadersObjectThe HTTP response headers as a JSONβ€”key/value pairs.
Response BodyObjectThe HTTP response message JSON body.
Action StatusString. success or failureWhether the action has succeeded or not.