Freshdesk Update Ticket Status

Update the status of a Freshdesk ticket

This action updates the status of a given Freshdesk ticket. You can use this action, for example, in cases when a reply to the customer was sent and there are no other actions that should be performed in the ticket and it should be marked as Closed.

Action Inputs

StatusNew ticket status. Please select a status from the list.
Freshdesk DomainFreshdesk domain that you get from URL. For example, if the URL is:
The Freshdesk domain is: digitalgenius
Freshdesk KeyAPI Key from the Freshdesk user settings. Please check the following steps to find the key:
Freshdesk Ticket IdId of the Freshdesk ticket to update the status.

Action Outputs

SuccessWhether the ticket status was updated or not. This output can be used in branching conditions to decide what the flow should do if the status of the ticket was updated or not.