AI Value using DG CI AI

This action is used to predict Classification Field Values using a CI Digital Agent. The possible list of values depends on the chosen field to predict. The values/classes the model trains on depend on the values defined in the model version of this Digital Agent.


CI Model Version

Any time a new field or field value is added to the model definition, a new model version is generated. The model version id needs to be updated to use the updated model.


API KeyStringDG API Key. Read here
API SecretStringDG API Secret. Read here
RegionStringThe region where the dashboard is accessed from. "us" for America, Asia and Australia, "eu" for Europe
EnvironmentStringThe environment where the dashboard is acessed from. "prod" for Production, "qa" and "dev" for Development access.
Digital Agent IDStringAlso known as model group id, is a unique id for the CI digital agent. Can be found in the url on the Digital Agent detail page.
Digital Agent Version IDStringAlso known as model version id, is a unique id for the CI digital agent version. This is updated any time the list of fields or field values are modified.
Action IDStringThe action id represents a field name on tickets.
SubjectStringTicket Subject
DescriptionStringTicket Description


SuccessBooleanTrue if a field value is predicted, False otherwise
Value IDStringThe unique id or title of the predicted field value.