Shopify Get Products

Gets a list of shopify products.

Uses this endpoint behind the scenes:,921728736

Filter and Filter Value should be used together. Allows you to filter out the products by 1 String field.

Filter options: 'collection_id', 'ids', 'handle', 'product_type', 'since_id', 'title', 'vendor'

Status Value is used to sort between 'active', 'archived', 'draft' products.

Limit is used to limit the number of products retrieved. Default is 50, max is 250.


Shopify TokenSensitiveStringShopify API Token.
Shopify DomainStringShopify Domain.
FilterOptional StringParameter Used to Filter Out the Products.
Filter ValueOptional StringValue of the filter. This is a string so a field with multiple values such as ids can be used by passing a string of values separated by a comma.
Status ValueOptional StringIf present, will only return products with this status.
LimitOptional StringLimit the number of products returned. Default is 50, max is 250.


SuccessBooleanWhether product list was retrieved successfully.
ProductsListList of products retrieved by the call.