SunCo Chat Handover

This action uses the Sunshine Conversations (SunCo)'s API to perform a bot-to-human handover.

What is a handover?

When the end user first reaches out, their messages would be routed to the bot integration. When the user asks a question that the bot cannot handle, the bot integration would pass the conversation’s control to the business integration - in this case SunCo. This process is done via SunCo's Switchboard.

Once the agent has solved the end user’s problem, they will close the ticket from their help desk system, at which point the user’s conversation would be be switched back to the bot integration for any further questions or support requests.

To use this action, you would need the switchboard integration ID, conversation ID, app ID, and tag(s) that you want to append to the chat ticket.


A successful handover to a live agent followed by a handover message from the bot.

Action Inputs

    1. API Token: This token is created when you connect DigitalGenius to SunCo in the setup steps. You should have saved it in the flow configuration after copying it from the connection.
    1. Conversation ID: Is equivalent to the external_id retrievable from the Conversation object, setting the path to /external_id.
    1. Switchboard Integration ID: The id of the switchboard integration that will be given control when a new conversation begins. To create or retrieve existing IDs see
    1. App ID: The app ID should come from your flow configurations, which you should have created during the setup steps here.
    1. Tags: A string of tags separated by comma that will be appended to the chat ticket. E.g.: "dg-handover, problem-order, negative".

Action Outputs

  • success: Boolean. Whether the handover was successfully initiated. Note that the action cannot detect whether an agent successfully joined.