Apply Macro

applies a macro with all its actions on a given ticket

This action is often used in order to perform a set of updates on a ticket in one go using a Zendesk macro. For example you can use the macro at the end of the Flow to send an automated reply to the customer, update some fields and set the ticket status to Solved.

Also this action is the main way to send replies to customers via ticket comments.

Check out this guide ADD LINK on best practices to send Zendesk responses from Flow.


Sending Attachments

If you would like to include an attachment with the automated response there are two ways to do it.

For static attachments (where content of the attachment does not change) you can embed the attachment in the comment action of a Zendesk macro.

For dynamic attachments (where for each ticket you might need to send a different attachment) you should use another action ADD LINK TO ACTION.


Solving Tickets and Required Fields

Some of your ticket fields might be required. This means they need to be populated before you can solve the ticket. Therefore if you are using a macro that has an action to set the status to Solved, we recommend you check if there are any required fields. If you have required fields then you can simply add to the macro actions that would set those fields to most relevant values.