DG Analytics - Record Resolution Rate

Updates in Salesforce:

  1. Login into your Salesforce Account
  2. In the App launcher, search for DG Settings App:
  1. Select Salesforce Settings and expand Setup Case Trigger
  2. Enable Conversation Functionality For Flow
  1. Click on Save to save the new settings

Updates in DigitalGenius:

If you use the master prebuilt flow, all the steps below are already done.

Digital Genius Dashboard Settings:

  1. In the [Salesforce] Apply Public Response [Solved] flow where we set the status to Solved/Closed we have to set the OwnerId of the Case to be the id of our user. The user ID can be found in the customer Salesforce Account:
    Go to View Profile (click on your user icon)-> Settings -> In My Personal Information section, select Advanced User Details and Find User 18 Char ID
  1. In [Salesforce] MASTER FLOW find the branch where the check for Status = Closed is made:
  1. Get the owner's email address from Salesforce using Salesforce Get Text Field
  2. Record the email in the Last Assignee field using Analytics Action