Google Sheets Search

This action is used to search a column in a google spreadsheet. Only matching cells from the specified tab and column will be searched and returned, this includes user-entered column headers.


Google Sheet API

In order to use this action the steps to enable a new client or project listed here must be completed.


Spreadsheet Formatting

Values can be searched in a spreadsheet even if some columns or rows are hidden. Matching cells will be returned from these ranges as well.


Spreadsheet IDStringID of the spreadsheet to search. This ID can be found in the url of the sheet.
Spreadsheet TabStringTab in the spreadsheet to search. This will be the title of the tab/sheet.
Search ColumnStringThe alphabetic index of the column to search (A for first column)
CredentialsObjectThe json api credentials associated with this project. Can be found using the steps here
Search ValueStringValue to search


SuccessBooleanTrue if any matches were found, False if results list is empty
RowsObjectList of cells which match the search value.