Message Types


Full support of plain text messages and mark down format.

Quick Replies

Provide user's with options to quickly respond to help expedite and guide the conversation.


Quick Reply Buttons


Send and receive any file type. The widget will display files sent and allows users to download them. Users can also send files from their computer or mobile by clicking on the + icon and then choosing "Add File".


Full support of image uploads. Users can send any image from their computer or mobile by clicking on the + icon and then choosing "Add Picture".


Image sent from customer


The widget displays any emoji sent in text messages. Mobile users can use the emoji keyboard on their device to send them. The chat app itself does not include an Emoji picker.


Emoji being sent by user

Hyper Links

Transforms web links into clickable hyper links.


Hyper link

Typing Indicator

Typing indicators are an optional indicator to see and share when messages are being typed. They appear as animated dots and can be enabled or disabled at any time.


Send a scrollable set of cards that can contain text and images.
Each carousel item can include a title, description, image, any number of variants (e.g. colours), price and a supported action (this can be a Link or selection). Images can be displayed in 3 different aspect ratios, β€œsquare”, β€œhorizontal” and "vertical".


Collect information in a form popup with customisable fields for example, an order number with custom validation to ensure the entered value matches your order number format.


Display a list of options, for example a list of reasons for return.