Klaviyo Unsubscribe Customer By Email

Klaviyo Unsubscribe Customer By Email is an action that allows you to remove a customer from your email list based on their email address. This action can be useful if you want to unsubscribe a customer who has requested to stop receiving your newsletters, or if you want to clean up your list from invalid or bounced emails. To use this action, you need to provide the API key of your Klaviyo account and the email address of the customer you want to unsubscribe. The action will then send a request to Klaviyo's API and return a success or failure message.

Klaviyo API documentation here.


Klaviyo Access TokenSensitiveStringKlaviyo API Private Key
Customer EmailStringCustomer Email to unsubscribe


SuccessBooleanWhether the customer's email was successfully unsubscribed or not