[Zendesk] Apply Private Response

[Zendesk] Apply Private Response

[Zendesk] Apply Private Response is a flow that allows us to assign a private response to a ticket and apply specific tags. This flow is useful when we want to test out a public response before sending it to the customer. The final message sent to the internal team will contain a greeting, the main message and an ending signature. This one differs from [Zendesk] Apply Agent Note as it will still count as a User Response in the analytics (Automation Type = User Response).

How it works

  • Generate the response greeting
    [Zendesk] Greeting

  • Generate the response signature
    [Generic] Signature

  • Build the final response
    The final template response is formatted from the greeting, the input template which is the response content and the signature.

  • Validate the response template
    A valid template does not contain "null" or "undefined" and has more than 30 characters. If it does not meet these requirements, it will go down the invalid message path.

  • Record Analytics for invalid template
    If the template is invalid, then record Critical Error = true.
  • Apply the private response template
    If the template is valid, it will be applied to the ticket as a private comment.
    If the private response fails to post, it will cause a "Critical Error = true" in the analytics.
  • If the private response was posted successfully, then the next step is to build the tags list and apply them to the ticket, which is done in the [Zendesk] Tagging
  • Set Automation Type = User Response, Response Applied = true and Public Automation = false